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US-Eco Logic provides practical, reliable and economical solutions to the energy and environmental needs of new and existing buildings. If selected as part of a project team, we can support efforts to participate in all major energy efficiency and Green Building Programs. Our partners provide consulting, engineering, inspection, performance testing and verification of Energy and Green Programs.

Our business strategy is designed to provide turnkey processes and operations that simplify the burdens on the builders and general contractors. We demystify the process and provide technical support to help provide timely completion of all the details required for success. This way owners and builders can concentrate on achieving the desired result of any building or remodeling project.

Our Goal: (ecological and economical)
To help create the best and greenest possible buildings.

Our Approach to Green:

  1. Our job is to help builders deliver on their commitments
  2. Green should make you stretch but does not have to be horribly expensive, and
  3. Green requires different processes and hopes for a transformation to a different way of thinking - it does not have to be a painful experience.

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